Aquatic Therapy

Safe, effective therapy in the comfort of warm water

For those suffering from injuries or ailments that make it difficult to tolerate the impact of land-based treatments and programs, Aquatic Therapy can be an effective treatment option.

The natural buoyancy of water, working in tandem with the therapeutic effects of warm water compressed around the muscles and joints, can effectively restore a patient’s confidence as well as their overall functional mobility increases.  The ability to decrease the forces on a person’s joints while performing exercises allows the ability to begin weight bearing exercises earlier, improved tolerance of typically painful exercises, and allow for an easier and more comfortable transition into high level strengthening on painful and arthitic joints.

Water has proven to provide a safe and effective treatment environment for movement and exercise during the
rehabilitation process for spine pain, post-surgical recovery, athletic injury, and balance issues. Aquatic Therapy can improve overall movement as well as relieve pain and soreness caused by the following conditions:


  • Knee and hip replacement surgery
  • Chronic pain
  • Osteoarthritis
  • Back surgery
  • Fibromyalgia
  • Early Return to Run Progressions for Athletes
  • Less Painful Range of Motion Exercise for Post-Surgical Shoulders
  • Anyone with weight-bearing difficulties

Aquatic therapy also stimulates muscle relaxation, increases circulation throughout the body, improves balance and stability, and increases your capacity to improve strength and healing power.

Who benefits from an aquatic therapy program?

Contact us to talk about whether a water-based program might benefit you!  Dr. Erin Musgrave, PT is the Director of Aquatic Programs at Next Generation Physical Therapy and would be happy to discuss your specific case to see if Aquatic Therapy might be the best option for you.  

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Did you know?

When running, you can exert forces up to 4 times your bodyweight.

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