The Background

Why did I choose Next Generation Physical Therapy?  While working at another clinic, I began to realize that most practices in our area were lacking in the knowledge and application of the most current theories, research, and treatment techniques into their daily patient treatments.  As a Doctorate Level Physical Therapist, I was taught in my educational programming to truly emphasize becoming an “evidence based practitioner.”  This means we should constantly read, watch, analyze, and implement the most current research and theories into practice to best benefit the patient.

In January of 2015, I had a conversation with a colleague regarding some of the up and coming research in Physical Therapy.  It was that colleague who expressed an opinion that nothing had really changed in the treatment of Physical Therapy in nearly 20 years, and then stated “I know the way to Grandma’s house, and I get there every time.”  This colleague had just insinuated there was no need to change treatment methods because simply doing what they had done for 20 years works, so why change?

Did they just say what I think they did?

Taken aback by this…My only response was, “You may know how to get to grandma’s house taking gravel roads and stop signs, I’m going to hop on the bypass and meet you on the other side much more efficiently and effectively.”  My community of Cabot, Arkansas deserved a Physical Therapy Facility that truly had the patient’s best interest at heart.  One that would always continue to analyze research and trends in order to progress treatment methods to achieve the best possible outcomes.  A clinic where patients would feel at home, like part of the family, and empowered.

The Realization

It was this instance, that led me to begin planning my practice in February of 2015, and chose the name “Next Generation Physical Therapy.”  A name that would continuously challenge  us to progress, evaluate and apply current research and theories, in order to truly strive to always be “the Next Generation” of the Physical Therapy profession.

Continuing Education

The name “Next Generation” tends to be a bit challenging at times because it makes people constantly expect the absolute best and most up-to-date interventions.  Though is may seem like a heavy burden, we rise to the challenge each year.  In the state of Arkansas, each licensed Physical Therapist is required to attend/complete a daunting minimum of 20 hours of Continuing Education every 2 years in order maintain an active license.  As a whole, we feel that a mere 20 hours every 2 years is not enough; that being said we have made it our goal for each of our Doctors of Physical Therapy to complete a minimum of 20 Continuing Education Hours each year!  This doubles the current requirement by the Arkansas State Board of Physical Therapy.

While this may be a brief background into where our name came from and how we plan to live up to it, this by no means encompasses who we are and how much we care about our Patients and Clients.  Please feel free to comment on this blog or contact us with any questions or comments.  We would love to hear your thoughts and insight!

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